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Εξεταστικό πλαστικό ρολό με θερμοκόλληση 50cm

Thermal laminated roll (12 pcs)

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Laminated roll with heat seal, 100% pure chemical pulp, waterproof, absorbent and with high strength capability, has a wrapper every 38cm for easy cutting. This roll consists of a medical polyethylene (PE) sheet at the bottom of the roll and a sheet of premium quality and durable paper at the top of the roll. The plastic sheet through its high density and structure ensures the waterproofing of the roll, so that liquids that may arise during medical examination do not contaminate the medical bed.

The two sheets are evenly bonded to each other with a special heat welding technique to ensure the integrity of the product (so that both sheets will not detach) even under pressure or special use conditions).

Each test roll is shrunk down one by one for better protection of the product. Ideal for medical areas, clinics and hospitals, beauty centers and more.

Price includes 12 piecs

Dimensions: 50cm x 50m – 58cm x 50m – 68cm x 50m.