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Σπιρόμετρο Spirolab New ( Χωρίς Τουρμπίνα )

Spirometer Spirolab New (without turbine)

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   It works as a stand-alone device but also on a PC-based connection.

   Spirometry Test: FVC, FEV1, IVC, MVV, before & after bronchodilation, with a wide range of parameters selected.

   Cartoon pediatric menu to encourage young patients.

  Fast and silent built-in printer with customizable print format.

   7-inch color TFT touch screen.

   Database (memory) for up to 10,000 spirometers and 900 oximeters in combination with powerful and flexible search services.

  Built-in long-life rechargeable battery.

  It works with both a FlowMir® disposable turbine flow sensor and a multi-purpose turbine flow sensor.

   It connects to a PC using WinspiroPRO ® software via Bluetooth® 2.1 wireless connection or via USB cable.

  Winspiro PRO ® software provides real-time Flow / Volume and Volume / Time curves with pre- and post-bronchodilation while comparing a wide range of selectable parameters to your PC.

   Includes free online updates.

  Perform spirochemistry with a methacholine challenge test.

   It has an updated database (Quanjer 2012-GLI) of predicted values as well as a built-in search engine for instant access to the database.

Available in 4 versions:

   -  Reusable turbocharged version and oximeter

   -  Oxygen-free reusable turbo version

   -   Version with 100 disposable turbines and built-in paper mouthpiece and oximeter

   -   Version with 100 Disposable Turbines and Built-in Oximeter-free Paper Mouth