Sanagens Κάλτσες Ριζομηρίου 2 Μαύρο Χωρίς Σιλικόνη 70 Den

Soking "Sanagens"

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Soking "Sanagens" 

Because of the fibers used, the exclusive production techniques and a high level of softness. Elastic fibers are extremely durable, without tearing.

Sanagens socks and pantyhose exercise a relaxing and beneficial massage action that is strong in the ankles, softer in gambs and light on the thighs, giving a pleasant well-being.They relieve heavy and tired feet while helping with mild pains and cramps.

The antifungal - antibacterial processing guarantees the hygiene of the products and lasts forever.

Available in Nero (black), Miele (beige), Clear (skin color) at the following levels of compression:

  • 12mm Hg - 70 Den

Select the size that suits you according to the table below:

Size 1 2 3 4 5
Weight 34-45 38-59 45-65 54-74 65-89
Height 136-155 147-163 150-173 160-183