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Θήκες αυτοκόλλητες αποστείρωσης ατμού - 75mm x 110mm

Self sealing sterilization pouches (100pcs)

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Εκτύπωση σελίδας

Self-adhesive sterilization pockets, suitable for steam & gas furnaces, in various dimensions.

The steam sterilization temperature is 121 ° C-134 ° C and the gas temperature 30 ° C-54 ° C.

Their surface is one of paper & another of transparent plastic film for visual content.

They have two change indicators: for steam & gas oven.

The package is double (nylon bag inside, paper box outside).

They do not encourage writing on the paper side protecting them from the risk of puncturing it.

Available Sizes: 75mm x 110mm, 90mm x 260mm, 135mm x 260mm, 190mm x 360mm, 300mm x 390mm

Package Pieces: 100