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Ανταλλακτή βάση για λάστιχο βακτηριών- μπαστουνιών Flexyfoot γκρι

Replacement base for Flexyfoot rubber bacteria-canes

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The replacement base for rubber bacteria-canes Flexyfoot comes in one size and so it is suitable for use with all Flexyfoot. It just screws in any Flexyfoot (the part associated with your aid)

Available with either a grey or black tread. If more shock absorption is required for full weight or frequently active users, all replacement parts are sold with two rings.

Replacement instructions:

The replacement base is very easy to replace. Remove the old one first by simply pulling it out of the collar and then unscrew it to the left.
To place the new rubber base, it is screwed clockwise until it can be rotated freely.

Maximum user weight: 130 KG