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Rent Wheelchair

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Εκτύπωση σελίδας

Rent  wheelchair

We bring you to your place by the month, a pushchair upon agreement.

With the wheelchair, the patient can move more comfortably or generally move when he can not walk due to injury or a condition.

We choose between a wheelchair with large wheels or middle wheels, depending on whether the patient wants or can use it on his own and / or with a companion.At this point, do not forget that we usually provide a wheelchair with large wheels because even if the patient can not push himself long enough to be able to correct his position or to return without help from another person is important for his psychology in terms of even partial independence.

Because many times, due to lack of experience) it is extremely difficult to imagine what else you may need to serve and thank your patient, consult us telling you the condition and the present state of your person.