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Σπιρόμετρο Φορητό Spirobank II  με Επαναχ/μενη Τουρμπίνα & Οξύμετρο

Portable Spirometer Spirobank II with reusable turbine & oximeter

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The new SPIROBANK II spirometer with its innovative design and ease of use (image navigation) is the new benchmark in portable spirometers.

The completeness of the parameters examined, and the possibility of oximetry make it a small portable laboratory for specialists.

All versions of SPIROBANK II are offered with reusable or disposable air turbine.

They feature a high-resolution illuminated display 160 Χ 80 pixels.

Estimated lung age gives immediate results after smoking cessation.

Direct analysis of results without a computer connection. 

Memory capacity up to 10,000 records

Rechargeable battery life up to about 40 hours.

Connect to a computer via USB cable. With the advanced version you have the ability to perform tests on your PC in real time via Bluetooth

The FVC & VC tests with the basic parameters are always enabled