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Oxylink pack & Ρολόι Καρπού WristOx2 Nonin
Oxylink pack & Ρολόι Καρπού WristOx2 Nonin - 1

Oxylink pack & wristwatch WristOx2 Nonin

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Εκτύπωση σελίδας

• Records all oximetry data in parallel with
Recording treatment giving the opportunity, to
Therapists, controlling the improvement of patient oxygenation
During use of CPAP and especially Bi-Level devices
• SpO2 recording
• Heart rate
• Pulmonary rhythm (plethysmography)
• Desaturation events
• Stores data up to 365 days included
Of the oximetry through the built-in device
Memory card readers.
• Powered by the mini USB cable.
• Making patients more confident by offering
An integrated monitoring solution and
Opportunity to optimize treatment.
• Helps increase patient compliance
And treatment.
• Helps assess the impact of changes
In the patient's life, like other special curative treatments
Treatments, weight loss or weight gain etc.

WristOx2 is provided exclusively
Connected to OxyLink.
Use it to and from other devices or
Its autonomous use is not feasible.
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