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Menalind υγρά μαντήλια καθαρισμού 50 τεμ.
Menalind υγρά μαντήλια καθαρισμού 50 τεμ. - 1

Menalid Wet Cleaning Gloves 50 pieces

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Wet cleaning gloves 50 pieces

Menalind Professional Cleansing Wipes are an alternative for fast cleaning, especially for patients suffering from incontinence. Individual skin spots can be cleaned quickly and gently, minimizing the risk of infections.

Menalind Professional enhances the natural functions of the skin and helps maintain the health of the burdened, mature skin.

Skin tolerance has been tested dermatologically even on sensitive skins.

In addition, cleaning products have a neutral pH. Their fresh aroma simultaneously oozes the odors.

The wet wipes are used without water.

They do not contain alcohol, they are soft and at the same time very resistant.