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Foot Limbo Resting Brace "NIGHT SPLINT"

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Foot Limbo Resting Brace "NIGHT SPLINT"

  • Made of high quality plastic material and durability.
  • Detachable investment stick from Foam LYCRA with antiallergic, antiperspirant, non-toxic, aerated action.
  • It can be washed.
  • Three stabilizing straps LYCRA foaming.
  • Offers a resting position for the foot limbo from 90th to 110th .
  • Two lateral stickers straps which regulate in addition in a selection position bending the limbo foot.
  • It has anti-slip
    investment by offering walking only for the necessary functions of the patient at home.


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Shoe Size To 38 39-43 Άνω 44


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