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Erki Set Σύστημα Διόρθωσης Νυχιών 100 λαστιχάκια 3,20 mm
Erki Set Σύστημα Διόρθωσης Νυχιών 100 λαστιχάκια 3,20 mm - 1

Nail Correction System "Erki Set"

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Εκτύπωση σελίδας

Plastic hooks are stuck onto the nail with an adhesive gel.
Into the hooks rubber bands are attached.
The latter have different diameters. Thus, you can choose the tractive force. This force immediateley cares for a flattening of the nail and lifts up the nail edges what directly leads to a relief from pain.
Advantages of such a treatment are:

  • tractive force can be individually adjusted (by choosing a suitable position of the hooks)
  • tractive force can be dosed and applied in a three-stage-process due to 3 different sizes of the rubber bands

The period of application is dependent on speed of nail growth, usuallly several months. A nail renews in approximately 9 - 12 months.

If you choose the Erki-technique, steps are as follows:

  • prepare the patient´s body of the nail (e.g. flattening, cleaning)
  • adhesive bond the Erki-hooks to the nail
  • choose the suitable rubber band
  • connect the rubber band to the first hook
  • pull the protection tube over the rubber band
  • attach the rubber band to the other hook
  • adhesive bond the mid of the rubber band to the nail
  • after 3-4 weeks check the system, in case apply new rubber bands


1)  It is soothing with the abrasive stone the area the tape will stick to, to achieve a better surface area.

2)Clean the claw from and the Erki hook.

3) Hold the hook with the forceps and place a drop of glue on the hollow of the hook. 4) Immediately, put the hook on one end of the nail and press lightly for 1 minute.Try to keep the hook stable.
5) Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the nail. 6) Install the protective tube to the needle.The hose prevents rubber from being worn
7) Choose the right size for the rubber band to use and apply it to the hooks. 8) Pull the needle slightly upward to handle the fittting..
9) Complete the process for the 2 sides. 10) Place a drop of glue between the rubber and the nail so that it does not slip.