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Marea Cool Gel Στρώμα Ύπνου 0.91-1cm

Marea Cool Gel Mattress for Sleep

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With excellent quality, Visco Elastic - Memory Foam 7.5 cm& Core from a physical base Μolding
Artificial Latex15cm which provides proper body support.The weight of the body is divided by such
way to allow for good blood circulation . Because of the proper support of the body it does
our sleep much more relaxed.Covering the surface, with GEL carpets, for the warm ones
summer nights. With through holes per 4 cm for better ventilation. Double sided, Height 24.5 cm,
Hardness moderately soft . Dressed with internal cotton fabric, and certified outer cloth with


  • MATERIAL: Molding Viscoelastic Memory
  • DIMENSION: MONO: 90 X 200 X 22.5
  • DOUBLE: 160 X 200 X 22.5
  • HARDNESS: Medium Soft