Silicone Διαχωριστικό Δακτύλων
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Gel Reel Separator

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Gel Reel Separator

It helps align the toes following problems in the metatarso-falange joints caused by hallux valgus, ingrown toenails and post-surgical problems.

Offers protection from interdigital corns and chafing, decreasing friction and pain.



Polymer gel.

Medical mineral oil.

Because of the special density and medical mineral oils it contains, this product softens and protects the skin.



Insert the separator between the toes to be protected or aligned.

The outermost part on the separator must be turned downwards.

Choose the right size.

Washing with neutral soap and water and using talcum powder is recommended.



If there is any type of rejection or irritation, or if your problem persists, you should stop using it and check with a specialist.

Keep away from children.

Size: One Size