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Embedded thumbnail for Electric foldable wheelchair stair climber

Electric foldable wheelchair stair climber

Price €2000,00
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Availability: Delivery 4 to 10 days
Εκτύπωση σελίδας

1) 50cm width backrest, suitable for all people, ergonomics designed ABS seat(with sponge pad), vest belts, safe and reliable

2) With LED light

3) LCD power display, three speeds adjustable, up&down separately adjust(brushless motor 24V, 200W or 36V, 300W)

4) Lighting effect

5) Circuit is inside the pipe

6) The chair comes with balance, save effort during turnover

7) Ergonomics designed ABS seat(with sponge pad)

8) Rear  handle autolock

9) Backrest height adjustable, total 3 positions

10) Track open&fold is controlled by gas spring, hold the rear handle, one leg step, fold the track

11) Open the lock, pull out the track

12) Track adjusting button

13) Detachable Samsung lithium battery, easy to charge, with lock, 
The installation position of the battery is in accordance with international standards, not close to the body

14) High wear-resisting rubber wheels

15) Completely folded



1) 24V, 200W or 36V, 300W brushless motor,three speeds adjustable ,with cover, power system with soft start protection , make battery using time longer , motor and battery service life also longer

2) With LED light, LCD power display

3) Easy operating, it can climb up and down stairs smoothly and steadily by track.

4) It won’t glide or fall down when stop on the stairs, very safe and reliable.

5) Circuit is inside the pipe, waterproof, long life time, motor is no noise during operating.

6) The installation position of the battery is in accordance with international standards, not close to the body, make users feel more comfortable. Detachable battery

7) With 4 wear-resistant rubber wheels, the chair can use as a wheelchair on the ground.

8) The chair is equipped with vest type ,metal buckle straps, to ensure the safety during transport.

9) Made of aluminum alloy, foldable, compact and lightweight.

10) The electric stair chair is widely used in the home for the old people, school security, hospitals, hotels etc for emergency evacuation.

Accessories: vest belt, lithium battery, wrench set, spongy cushion

Optional: Dust cover, Wall bracket


UN-FOLD SIZE(L*W*H) 80~110*50*110~160cm
FOLDED SIZE(L*W*H) 115*50*27cm
N.W 27kg
Using Time of Full Charge: 2 hours
up and down five layer(24 steps per layer) building stairs
15 times
Repeated Charging Times: 500 times
Battery Life 3~5 YEARS
Motor: 24V,200W, or 36V 300W High Quality, no noise
Track: High wear-resistant materials, life time 3~5 years
Speed: About 45 - 55 steps per minite
G.W 45KG