Prism Ζυγαριά Γερανού Ανύψωσης
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Crane Lifting Scale "Prism"

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  • The Scale is designed to be an add-on weighing scale for use with patient hoists that are fitted with a coat hanger type sling support
  • Extension links are provided as the dimensions of some coat hanger type slings can vary. The extension links are fitted with a security spring washer in order to prevent the sling from slipping off the hooks
  • The scale should never be used on patients over the maximum weighing capacity as injury could result, the scale should be withdrawn from use if any defects are found on the sling hooks
  • The load cell mechanism used has an overall strength of 250 kg and therefore provides considerable overload protection.
  • The scale is supplied with Internal Re-chargeable batteries that under normal operating conditions will last at least 3 years before there performance starts to degrade.
  • A power down sensor is built into the scale in order to conserve battery life. It will turn the scale off automatically when it senses that the weighing function has not been used for a set period of time. The default time period is 5 minutes however this interval can be altered to suit the customer's needs at the time of ordering or during subsequent service visits.
  • A fully charged battery should give approximately 20 hours continuous use, the scale should be fully charged before its first use, please see the section on charging the scale for more information



  • Weight Display - 1.0 inch LCD display with 5 Digits
  • Max Display Resolution - 1/3000
  • Internal Resolution -1/230000
  • Net Unit Weight - 5kg
  • Mains Charger Unit Specifications:

Input - 240Vac @ 50Hz 30mA

Output -12Vdc @ 300mA

Fuses - lnternal-T50mA

             External - T 400mA