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Αναβατόριο σκάλας για αμαξίδια Scalaport
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Climb Stairs Scalamobil (Scalaport X7)

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Climb stairs Scalamobil (Scalaport X7)

When combined with scalamobil, the scalaport X7 allows many different wheelchairs to be transported up and down stairs without a bracket having to be fitted on every individual wheelchair and without the large wheelchair wheels having to be taken off. scalaport X7 is intended especially for nursing homes, transport providers and public buildings such as schools or museums. It also allows wheelchairs to be transported privately if the frame geometry of the wheelchair does not allow a standard bracket to be fitted for the scalamobil. The entire wheelchair is secured to the scalaport X7 to be transported up or down stairs. The new folding mechanism permits both stowing in small spaces and simple system transport.

scalaport X7, in connection with the scalamobil, makes it possible to climb stairs with a great variety of wheelchairs, without the necessity to mount a bracket on each wheelchair or to remove the wheelchair's drive wheels.

Scalaport X7 is particularly useful for driving services, in special care and handicapped centres as well as in public buildings such as schools or museums. Morevoer it can be a solution for private wheelchairs that do not allow the mounting of a bracket for scalamobil.

For the transport the complete wheelchair is attached to the scalaport X7 within seconds. The ingenious folding mechanism allows quick stowage and easy transport.

Drive unit 17,4 kg 
Handle unit 4,9 kg 
Battery pack 2,7 kg 
scalaport X7 11 kg Total weight 36 kg

Height (handles folded in) 115 cm 
Width handles (adjustable) 43 bis 52 cm 
Width scalaport (adjustable) 55 bis 73 cm 
Depth 55 cm


Max. step height 20 cm

Min. step depth 11 cm 


The scalamobil in combination with the scalaport X7 universal adapter is a portable stair climbing system that helps you transport all popular manual wheelchairs on stairs of all kinds. The system is especially suitable for professional transport of wheelchairs and patients and for access to public buildings. The scalaport X7 offers an alternative means for transporting wheelchairs for which Alber offers no special mounting system.

  • Compatible with all popular manual wheelchairs such as comfort wheelchairs, active wheelchairs, narrow paediatric wheelchairs, etc.*
  • Any manual wheelchair is ready for transportation in a matter of seconds thanks to the universal clamping mechanism fixing the backrest.
  • Thoroughly proven and patented climbing mechanism.
  • Easy and safe to operate by just one person with minimal effort.
  • Tackles narrow and spiral staircases of all kinds.
  • Avoids damage and wear to stair coverings.
  • Range of up to 300 steps with a single battery charge (interchangeable battery optional).