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Herbi Feet Πέλμα σφυροδακτυλίας και διαχωριστικό δακτύλων τριπλό Αριστερό

American Hammer Toe Crest "Herbi Feet"

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American Hammer Toe Crest "Herbi Feet"

Ferule for claw and hammer toes.

Relieves and prevents friction and excess pressure on the toes.

Protection for claw and hammer toes.

Helps with keratosis wounds.

Offers protection from interdigital calluses and chafing.



Place the ferule on the foot, inserting the toes in the rings, as shown in the image.

Choose the ferule for the right side of the foot (left or right).

Put on with care, don’t stretch the rings much or it may break.

Wash with neutral soap and water and sprinkle with talcum powder.



If there is any type of rejection or irritation, or if your problem persists, you should stop using it and check with a specialist.

Keep away from children.



Polymer gel.

Hypoallergenic medical mineral oil.


CONTENT: 1 count.


SIZE: One size fits all · RIGHT FOOT

SIZE: One size fits all · LEFT FOOT