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Αυτοκόλλητα Χειρουργικά πεδία 2 στρωμάτων
Αυτοκόλλητα Χειρουργικά πεδία 2 στρωμάτων   - 1

Adhesive Surgical Drapes 2 Layers (5 pieces)

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Adhesive Surgical Drapes 2 Layers  (5 pieces)

Two-layer surgical squares, Non Woven and P.E. non-woven, sterilized, waterproof,antimicrobial with fabric behavior and hard to catch fire.They're madeof high absorbency non-woven material and plastic material of liquid impermeability,the adhesive part of the sterilized drape ,skin friendly and resistant to wound fluids .

The adhesive surfaces are 5 cm wide, they have on their side the adhesive tape so that they do not stick to the user's gloves when placing them.

Sterilization is done with gamma irradiation and their packaging is such as to serve their aseptic technique of receiving.
In accordance with EN 13795.